Using chemical peels to treat a wide range of skin concerns

When patients visit Magnolia Dermatology, they are often looking for a solution for a medical or cosmetic skin concern. Many issues that are known to impact the facial skin can be treated with the use of different chemical peels. Chemical peels use a combination of specialized, hand-selected ingredients designed to exfoliate the skin and bring out fresher, more youthful skin cells for a brighter, natural glow! They are a popular treatment performed by the team.

What can a chemical peel treat?

There are various chemical peels available at our practice for patients to consider. Dr. Neelam Patel and her team at Magnolia Dermatology can select a variety based on what the patient wants to improve. Chemical peels are often used to resolve issues such as:

  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Age spots, sun damage, and freckles
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rough or uneven skin texture
  • Dull or sallow complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation or melasma

Why might I consider a chemical peel?

Chemical peels also help improve the skin’s overall appearance for a smoother, brighter, and more radiant complexion. It can replace several different types of treatments, especially when more aggressive chemical peels are chosen.

What type of chemical peel is best for my skin?

Patients can use milder chemical peels to improve their skin with less downtime, but they might require several peel treatments to achieve the same results as a stronger chemical peel, which might require a week or two of social downtime. If you are seeking dramatic results in a shorter period, talk to Dr. Patel about your expectations.

How do I learn more about quality chemical peels?

Dr. Neelam Patel and her team at Magnolia Dermatology of Clarksville, TN, are here to provide new and returning patients in the community with comprehensive care from a board-certified professional. If you are interested in finding out if chemical peels can help you achieve the skin you want, call (931) 551-2929 to request a visit at 276 Warfield Boulevard. We proudly serve patients in the areas of Clarksville, Fort Campbell, Pleasant View, and Nashville, TN.