Banish Warts for Good: Effective and Painless Wart Removal Treatment

At Magnolia Dermatology in Clarksville, Tennessee, we offer effective and safe wart removal procedures to help you regain even, flawless skin. Our experienced dermatologist utilizes advanced techniques, including cryotherapy, to target and eliminate warts effectively.

What are Warts?

Warts are benign skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They have the potential to manifest anywhere on the body and typically exhibit a rough texture and elevated appearance. They vary significantly in size, shape, and color, ranging from small, flat spots to larger, cauliflower-like formations. While warts are generally harmless, they can be unsightly or uncomfortable, depending on their location. Warts are contagious and can spread through direct contact with the virus or contaminated surfaces.

Cryotherapy for Warts

Cryotherapy, also known as freezing therapy, is a common and highly effective method for removing warts. During the procedure, liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the wart using a specialized device, causing the affected tissue to freeze. This freezing action destroys the wart cells, leading to their eventual sloughing off. The procedure is relatively quick and performed in-office, requiring minimal downtime.

Cryotherapy is suitable for various types of warts, including common warts, plantar warts (found on the soles of the feet), and flat warts (typically found on the face and hands). Depending on the size and location of the wart, multiple treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve complete resolution.

Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are typically transmitted through sexual contact. While some cases of genital warts may resolve on their own, treatment is often recommended to reduce symptoms and prevent transmission to others.

We offer several treatment options for genital warts tailored to each patient’s needs. In addition to cryotherapy, other treatment modalities may include topical medications, laser therapy, or surgical excision, depending on the size and location of the warts.

If you’re struggling with bothersome warts or genital warts, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Magnolia Dermatology in Clarksville, Tennessee.

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